Top 10 Prettiest Women successfully

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Top 10 Prettiest Women successfully


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  • dos.1 9. TashigiEdit
  • 2.dos 8. PeronaEdit
  • dos.3 7. Nico RobinEdit
  • 2.4 6. Nojiko
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It is not according to the comic strip and you may manga for we know that it is Boa Hancock and Shirahoshi however, discarding men and women affairs, i have generated the top Ten considering all polls i’ve searched on whole internet sites.

Top 10 Prettiest Females in a single PieceEdit

Alvida seems a great deal including snow-white who’s well-liked by of numerous. Create people contours and those very very most easy body and that causes a number of boys to slip, she is entitled to be in this review.

By consuming a devil Fruit, Alvida enjoys turned of the shedding the additional weight. The fresh Sube Sube no Mi tends to make Alvida really slick and, besides the cowboy hat she wears, Alvida appears totally different from her new mode, becoming slim, well-endowed, having ebony-eco-friendly vision (a colors not noticeable while in the her earliest physical appearance, possibly because of her brief sight back then), while keeping the lady fresh tresses. She still has her cowboy hat, however, she’s today wearing a white bikini top and you may wears a red-colored, fur-coat for example an excellent cape. Up to the woman shoulder she’s a wonderful necklace, and she wears a rigorous, capri-length collection of pink and white striped jeans, the girl red-colored blouse is usually viewed fastened as much as the girl waist and you may now she dons a couple of sandals (boots afterwards regarding Post-Conflict Tale from the comic strip). She continues to have purple decorated nails, but this lady fingernails are less, along with her toe nails are now painted also, (something before wasn’t visible on account of her footwear). This lady complete mouth remain covered inside the reddish lip stick too. Through the their physical appearance during the Loguetown, she together with got good cape-such as, green indument with red-colored hearts with it. Given that series evolved and you can Oda’s design altered

Many people that come across the lady actually love their (given that present in Loguetown, even lady), the same as Boa Hancock. Delusional (otherwise most likely for the denial) on her behalf former appearance, Alvida’s statements about how exactly she altered immediately after eating the latest Devil Fruit had been just exactly how it “generated their freckles fall off”.

nine. TashigiEdit

I understand much of you will be interested and complain “the thing that makes she from the top. ” or at all but there is however some thing on the Tashigi that i come across iresistable. This woman is very cute yet really naughty but there is however however anything concealing behind people glasses that grow and you will outburst all of the lady in the series.

Tashigi enjoys mouth-size, black colored locks (dark blue in the cartoon) and you may darkish sight. The woman is recognized to look amazingly such as for instance Zoro’s lifeless pal Kuina. She wears some small-sleeved tees with various colors and designs, however, always contributes a blue fabric layer with a beneficial furred neckband and you may line linings. She along with wears blue trousers, black shoes and you will square purple sunglasses.

Following timeskip their hair is much longer and is now pinned up because of the a clip. She’s and additionally person tall. Due to nonetheless that have crappy eyes, she nevertheless wears this lady cups, and, like other almost every other women that provides aged along side timeskip, the woman shape changed along with her boobs increasing quite larger and their figure becoming more hourglass-such as for instance. She’s seen putting on a flowery, button down shirt, light jeans, and you can black colored shoes. Achieving the rating regarding head while the timeskip, she now as well as wears a pink types of the quality layer from high-ranking Marine officers. Exactly like Hina, Tashigi’s subordinates try interested in the girl on account of the woman experiences and you can charm.

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